Where to Find Coupons for Meat and Meat Products

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One of the most expensive items you buy at the grocery store is your meat. Although grocery stores run sales for meat, they don’t generally issue coupons.

There are multiple places you can look to find coupons for meat – and they are easier to find than you might have imagined.


Hormel offers a wide range of meat products and they publish printable coupons right on their own website. Currently, they have a $1.00 off coupon valid when you purchase any two Hormel bacon topping products.


Butterball is the manufacturer of many turkey-based products including whole turkeys, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, deli meats and more. Check their website on a regular basis to score free coupons and save.


Getting a Bar-S coupon might mean free products! Their hot dogs and other products often go on sale for dirt cheap prices. They offer coupons for hotdogs, bacon, lunch meat and more but you need to register to receive their coupons.

You can register on their website by clicking the Coupons/Newsletter link at the very top of their homepage.


Get coupons for turkey burgers, turkey sausages and more. They also have a large selection of recipes on their site to give you some great ideas on healthy meals.


Get pork and bacon coupons from Farmland. They have two different ways to get them and here’s how. If you sign up for their newsletter on their website they’ll send coupons to your email. You can also subscribe to the Farmland Bacon club and get offers for Farmland Bacon products.


The budding lunch club will get you special deals and coupons on their delicious lunch meats. Budding meats can be used to make a variety of different things besides just sandwiches. Check out their website for appetizer recipes and more!


Finally – chicken coupons! And a lot of them. They currently have seven different coupons ranging from $1.00 to $1.50 off on all sorts of chicken and even turkey products they offer.

Fish Coupons

If you like fish, both StarKist and FisherBoy offer manufacturer coupons on their site. Sign up for ‘Charlie’s News’ at the top of the StarKist website and they’ll send coupons directly to your email.

For FisherBoy, check their homepage where they occasionally publish a high dollar coupon for fish sticks and more!