What a Bummer: This Major TV Star Just Passed

Most of us remember staying home from school when we were sick and watching soap operas like All My Children with our grandparents. It was a time-honored tradition that I truly did believe help with our childhood illnesses. But bad news – John Callahan just recently died by a stroke triggered by AFib, and man, is the soap opera world sad.

John’s best known for playing Edmund Grey on All My Children from 1992-2005, and he was luckily surrounded by his closest family. After being rushed to the hospital, he was put on life support until his family could say goodbye.

John left behind his ex-wife, Eva la Rue, whom he was close with, as well as his daughter, Kaya Callahan. Eva shared that she was “devastated”, and called John a “great friend” and “loving father”. A stroke triggered by AFib or other hiding heart condition is absolutely heartbreaking, and comes on suddenly. You never know when the last time you say goodbye will truly be the last time.