Secret Savings at Grocery Stores

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Aside from clipping coupons and using rebate apps, there are some easy ways to save. From what aisle to buy your spices to finding out if the name brand is the same as the store or generic brand, we have some awesome tips to help you save.


Skip the fancy jars and packaging in the spice aisle and head over to the ethnic foods section. They have a ton of spices, often ¼ of the price as what you’ll find in the regular spice section.

For instance, a jar of paprika at my local grocer in a nice glass jar runs about $5.00 (60 grams). In the ethnic food section, I can pick up a simple bag for $1.00 (56 grams)!

Garlic Bread for French Bread Price

Most bakery departments will gladly cut a loaf of French bread and put some garlic butter on it – absolutely free. This is the exact same thing as the garlic bread you pay more for.

Next time you need garlic bread, ask the bakery department to turn French bread into Garlic bread. They’ll also slice it exactly how you want it cut.


Before you spend the extra money on the Jumbo eggs – compare the actual eggs to the Large eggs. Large eggs cost less and are almost always nearly the exact same size as the Jumbo eggs. This rule also applies to small vs. medium.

Advertising Secrets

If a store is running a 5 for $5.00 sale or a 10 for $10.00 sale, it just an advertising gimmick. You don’t actually have to buy 5 to get just one of the products for $1.00.

Once in a while, you’ll notice that the price each shows a different price – in that case, you do have to buy the number advertised, but that is generally not the case.

Labeling and Packaging Secrets

If you don’t like the idea of buying generic or store brands, it may make you feel better to know what you are buying came from the exact same place as the name brand.

On canned goods, look at the back of the can for “Distributed By”. Compare the company and address to the store or generic brand. If they are the same – you are buying the EXACT SAME THING.

When you buy bulk packaged produce you are likely getting a better deal. Next time you are at the store, weigh a bag of the ‘packaged’ potatoes or carrots. It is likely over the weight shown on the label.

To avoid being underweight on pre-packaged produce or fruit, stores often throw in some extra.

Bread ties and tags can tell you when the bread was actually baked! No more squeezing each loaf or reaching to the back guessing it’s the freshest loaf.

Based on the color of the tag or tie you will know what day the bread was baked. If you are at the store on Monday – buy the Blue tag bread!

  • Monday = Blue
  • Tuesday = Green
  • Thursday = Red
  • Friday = White
  • Saturday = Yellow