Save Money on Women’s Shoes by Shopping the Big Kids Sizes

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Did you know you could be getting a great deal on shoes by searching the kid section? It’s true, and you don’t even have to have teeny tiny feet. There are actually big kid size equivalents all the way up to a women’s size 9. You can find bargain boots, inexpensive sneakers, affordable flip-flops, and more. Compared to the adult equivalents, the prices are much more appealing.

How to Convert the Sizes

Kids shoes come in a few different size categories. There are shoes for infants, toddlers, little kids, and big kids.

Big kids’ sizes typically range from 3.5 up to 7. To determine your size, simply subtract 2 from your women’s size. If you wear a women’s size 7, you should try a big kids size 5. If you wear a women’s size 5, you’ll actually fall into the little kids’ category, size 3 being your equivalent.

Why Shop Kids’ Shoes?

If you’re thinking kids’ shoes are all childlike in nature, you might be surprised as what’s out there. Many designers make children’s shoes that look incredibly similar to their adult counterparts. And who doesn’t want to pay less for designer and brand name shoes?


Love TOMS but hate the price tag? TOMS Kids shoes go all the way up to a big kids’ size 6. If you wear a women’s size 8 or smaller, you should definitely check out the kids’ section. We suggest checking sites like 6pm for discounted pairs so you can save even more.

Want a pair of Hunter boots without spending a fortune? They may not be as tall, but if you’re petite, the children’s sizes could be a great fit.

Looking for summer flip-flops and sandals? The North Face, Reef, Sanuk, and adidas all make kids’ versions that look similar to adult options.

Need new sneakers? Big brands like Nike, Puma, and adidas make big kids’ shoes up to a size 7. That’s the equivalent of a women’s size 9.

Not All Kids’ Shoes are Flat

We know what you might be thinking. Cheap shoes are great and all, but what if you want some height? Sure, you likely won’t find stilettos in children’s sizes, but there are some really cute wedges.

We found stylish options from Dolce Vita, Same Edelman, Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, and more. Most were available up to a big kids’ size 5, which equates to a women’s 7. Zappos even had Polo Ralph Lauren wedges in up to a big kids’ size 7 for $50.