Save Money Every Time You Touch Your Thermostat

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It’s that time of year that many of us are debating on whether we should go ahead and turn the air conditioner on.

Start saving money now and throughout the rest of the summer months by following some simple rules to keep your costs down.

Smart Thermostats

Of all the smart devices on the market today – this one is well worth the investment as it relates to saving you money. One of these devices can save you 10% – 12% on heating and a whopping 15% on your cooling bill.

The smart thermostats allow you to regulate your home’s temperature and adjust the settings remotely on an app or phone.


Spring is a great time to do an energy audit – and you can do it yourself. Check your attic for adequate insulation and add more if needed. Also, seal any gaps and holes with caulking.

Window and door seals are also a big culprit when it comes to wasted energy. Re-sealing them as needed can make a huge difference on your monthly cooling costs.

To perform an audit yourself, simply go outside with the air on inside and run your hand along window seals and doors. If you can feel cold air – they need to be sealed with caulk and/or insulation. You can also buy an inexpensive tester that will show you problem areas.

These are called thermal leak detectors. They cost just over $30.00 and can save you much more than that even the first month!

Outlets on exterior walls are also a common area where air can escape. You can pick up no draft gaskets from your local hardware store. Another useful tip is to install childproof outlet covers – even if you don’t have children.

They will seal the actual holes of your outlets keeping them airtight.

Behavioral Changes

Other things you can do are to raise the thermostat a few degrees higher than you normally set it and supplement with ceiling fans or floor fans. Running fans costs a fraction of the price in energy over central air conditioning units and can make the area you are in feel about 10 degrees lower.

Last but not least, close the blinds and curtains. This will cut down your cost by reducing any escaping air and keeping heat from the sun out.

Make use of your windows when the temperature is cooler outside than in your home. Opening them early morning at late night if it is cooler outside will help cool your house for free.