A Scary New Password Scam is Turning Up

There’s a new, very scary email scam going around that involves your password – and it’s pretty shady. An email gets sent to your inbox, or your spam, but the title should grab you right away. It’s your password, right there in the subject line.

The password is probably one you’ve used relatively recently, or for a specific site. There is a chance this password has been compromised from a previous leak, or the password and account information was obtained on the Dark Web.

The sender is going to tell you that they used this password to hack into your account, and they have all sorts of information from you. If you don’t send them bitcoin in the amount they want – it is usually between $1,000 and $5,000 – they’ll take all of your information, send your habits to your contacts, etc.

Do not believe that this person has your actual information! They’re trying to get you to panic and give them information. No malware was installed on your computer,  no one has a keylogger on your PC.

This convincing scam is causing millions of dollars of losses every year.