How to Save on Wine

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If you are a wine lover, you have exquisite taste, but that also means you pay more for the luxury of experiencing it. The great news is that you can enjoy your wine for less.

You just need to know when and where to shop, as well as other ways you can save money on one of your favorite things.

Shop the Wine Events

Many stores have wine events throughout the year where you can save as much as 30%. World Market lets you mix and match and buy a whole case at a 30% discount. Albertson’s holds one-day wine sales where you can buy any six bottles of wine and save 30%.

Trader Joe’s is known for their Two Buck Chuck wines that sell for as low as $1.99 per bottle – every day. If you haven’t tried it, give it a try. If you love it, you’ll save all the time. Costco also has their own branded wine which is normally about 50% cheaper than the name brands.

Wine Clubs

There are a ton of different wine clubs that allow you to sign up and receive different wines of the month each month of the year. Most of these give you a very nice incentive your first month just to get you to try it out. These clubs or subscription wine services allow canceling anytime (most of them) such as Bright Cellars, Winc, The California Wine Club and Plonk Wine Club.

Take advantage of any new member offers and save a ton your first month. Even if you just want to buy a case of different wines, this is an awesome way to save. Simply sign up, get your first-month wine plan and cancel. You may decide to keep the plan and that’s perfectly fine too!

When to Buy

The best day to buy wine is on Tuesday. You’ll pay an average of 6% more buying wine on a Saturday vs. buying it on Tuesday. Look for hangtags on wine bottles. These are often mail-in rebates with great offers on them.

Speaking of rebates, be sure you are using a rebate app such as Ibotta, Parabus or Checkout 51. With these apps you’ll often get money back on your wine purchases.

Know if You’re Getting a Good Deal

Wine Searcher has both an app and an online tool where you can enter the wine you like or scan a label and compare prices. If there is a wine on sale, check this tool to make sure you are actually getting a good deal. Never pay full price again!