Gasoline Prices Soaring Toward Record Highs

Gasoline prices in Florida have reached a 3-year high while, overall, the price at the pump is climbing across the nation…Here’s a look at where prices are the highest and the lowest in the United States.

Gasoline prices moving toward $3 per gallon

The average price of gasoline is moving toward three dollars per gallon for most of the nation, while prices are inching toward $4 for the West Coast.

The overall national average as of 3/22/21 was $2.882 per gallon for regular grade as determined by the daily calculations of AAA gas prices.

The upward trend in gasoline prices is largely being driven by a tightening supply globally, as well as optimism that COVID-19 vaccinations will boost fuel demand, according to AAA.

The current average as of 3/22/21 is $2.882 for regular unleaded gasoline; $3.207 for midgrade; $3.477 for premium grade; $3.108 for diesel; $2.466 for E85.

One year ago, the national average for regular unleaded gasoline was $2.14. The highest recorded national average price for regular unleaded gasoline was $4.114 which occurred on July 17, 2008. Diesel reached $4.845 on the same date.

The 10 states with the highest gas prices

Here are the ten US states, on average, with the highest gas prices as of 3/22/21 according to AAA, listed high to low:

  • California $3.88
  • Hawaii $3.59
  • Washington $3.31
  • Nevada $3.29
  • Utah $3.15
  • Oregon $3.15
  • Alaska $3.12
  • Arizona $3.11
  • Illinois $3.07
  • Washington, D.C. $3.05

The 11 states with the lowest gas prices

Here are the eleven US states, on average, with the lowest gas prices as of 3/22/21 according to AAA, listed low to high.

  • Mississippi $2.60
  • Texas $2.63
  • Louisiana $2.63
  • South Carolina $2.64
  • Ohio $2.65
  • Alabama $2.67
  • Oklahoma $2.67
  • Kansas $2.67
  • Missouri $2.67
  • Wisconsin $2.67
  • North Carolina $2.68

Florida sees 3-year high in gasoline prices

Gasoline prices in the state of Florida are nearing over $2.90 per gallon for the first time in three years, WFLA8 Tampa reports.

Since January 1, gas prices in Florida have increased by over 70 cents and by 30 cents in March alone. Some areas in Florida are already seeing prices north of $3 per gallon, such as in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are close at $2.93 per gallon. One year ago, Florida gas prices averaged $2.08 per gallon. The record high for this time of year occurred in 2008 at $4.08 per gallon.