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Ever think there must be a better way to find the best garage sales without driving aimlessly around town looking for signs? Garage sales are a great way to find awesome deals and if you do it like a pro – you’ll save time and money!

There’s an App for That

There are a few new apps that make finding garage sales incredibly easy to find. You can even look at the description to see what types of things they have so you don’t waste your time. The two most popular apps are Garage Sale Map and Yard Sale Treasure Map.

Other sites you should check to find garage sales near you are Craigslist and NextDoor. NextDoor is a neighborhood app so the chances the sale is actually near you is pretty good. On these sites, people will also generally tell you what they have, or a general description, as well as the days and times they’ll be open.

I’ve frequently seen people advertise garage sale previews just for their immediate neighbors on NextDoor. This is a great way to take a look and buy before their opening day!

Shop Like a Pro

Unlike retail shops, or even most thrift stores, the ‘owner’ of the garage sale or attendee doesn’t need to get approval to negotiate prices. It doesn’t hurt to ask, especially if the item has flaws or they can’t verify working conditions other than their word (For example:  a washing machine or dishwasher).

Particularly larger items they’ve moved out to the driveway are almost always negotiable. They don’t want to move them back in and likely don’t have room to store them. Any offer is better than them being stuck with the items for an unknown amount of time. Negotiate the price and be willing to pick the items up the same day if you need to get another vehicle to transport them.

Other items that are generally always negotiable are clothes. Chances of someone walking in that likes the item, wears the same size and wants to buy the item are few and far between. More than likely, the owner intends to donate the clothing items that don’t sell at the garage sale – so getting some money instead of none is good for them.

Also, don’t try to negotiate every item. This will only irritate the owner of the goods and they’ll be less likely to accept any offers.