Celebrities are regular people just like you, which means they can get hurt like you too.

Although some celebrities are closed off with their health problems, many are open to the public with their diagnoses. In some cases, celebrities live with a treatable diagnosis before their careers even start.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know

Tiger Woods, although he at one point was only known for his alleged cheating scandals and for crashing cars, is a professional golfer that holds many awards.

Woods played golf the majority of his life, however, due to many back injuries, he now suffers from arthritis.

Woods has expressed that he is steadily overcoming his arthritis condition and at one point considered retirement.

Other celebrities, such as Lucille Ball, one of the famous stars from “I Love Lucy” lived with arthritis.

Ball was diagnosed when she was just 17 years old and became one of the first celebrity supporters of the National Arthritis Foundation.