8 Super Savvy Money-Saving Food Hacks You Definitely Need to Know

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We all hate wasting money on food that costs too much or goes bad too fast. And that’s why we should all simply stop doing such a thing. For real though, if you want to save money and waste less food, you’ll want to read these tips.

1. Use plastic wrap to make your bananas last longer.

Bananas ripen as they give off ethylene gas, but you can slow down that process with a little plastic wrap. Instead of keeping bananas in a bunch, go ahead and break it apart. Then, individually wrap the stem of each banana with a piece of plastic wrap.

Of course, you can also just put bananas in the fridge once they reach the desired level of ripeness. Oh, and if they over-ripen, you can always make banana bread.

2. Use an herb saver to keep them fresh.

Who actually uses an entire bundle of parsley before it wilts, really? Very few people, we’d guess. That’s why you should keep it in an herb saver. Don’t have one? Don’t fret. Simply place the herbs you’d like to preserve in a cup of water and cover them with a plastic bag. Secure the bag with a rubber band and then place the cup of herbs in the refrigerator.

3. Wrap broccoli, celery, and lettuce in aluminum foil to make it last.

Before storing these veggies in the fridge, wrap them in foil to keep them fresh and crisp longer.

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5. Keep ice cream soft by storing it in a bag.

Forget about tossing any more freezer-burned ice cream. Not to mention, it’ll also say softer and easier to scoop this way. Simply put the entire container inside a plastic freezer bag before returning it to the freezer. That’s it. Enjoy.

6. Freeze that buttermilk.

If you aren’t going to use the entire jug or carton of buttermilk before it expires, freeze it. Fill an ice tray with the milk and when it’s frozen, you can empty it into a labeled freezer bag.

7. Buy chicken in bulk and make freezer meals.

Buy a family sized package of chicken to save money, then make yourself some easy-peasy freezer meals. Take what you aren’t going to use right away and freeze portions in individual freezer bags with some marinade. Thaw them as you need them. If you have an Instant Pot, you won’t even have to thaw before cooking.

8. Grate your own cheese.

It’s oh-so-tempting to buy prepackaged shredded cheese, but while it may be convenient, it’s also totally overpriced. Not to mention Alton Brown would not approve.